Directory Sync Setup

Install the new version of Directory Sync. The Directory Sync software is available for download from "Manuals/Downloads" in "IIJ Service Online."

Directory Sync Installation

Log into the host that will be used for scheduled Directory Sync executions.

Extract Directory Sync to the /opt/ directory.

# tar -xvzf IIJ_ID_Service_Directory_Sync.tar.gz -C /opt/
Configuring Access Control to the Directory Sync Installation Directory

If necessary, change the permissions settings of the folder into which Directory Sync is installed for the user that will execute Directory Sync.

Example: Configure the system so that the user iij-taro can execute Directory Sync.

# chown -R iij-taro:iij-taro /opt/IIJ_ID_Service_Directory_Sync/
Editing the Directory Sync Configuration Files

Refer to "Configuration Files" for more information on editing Directory Sync configuration files.

Registering the Directory Sync Task in the Job Scheduler

Register Directory Sync into cron.

Select the time at which jobs are executed in accordance with your environment.

Example: Execute Directory Sync every day at 3:30.

### Register job
$ (crontab -l; echo "30 3 * * * /opt/IIJ_ID_Service_Directory_Sync/bin/") | crontab -
no crontab for iij-taro

### Confirm that job has been registered
$ crontab -l
30 3 * * * /opt/IIJ_ID_Service_Directory_Sync/bin/