Installing Newer Versions

This section describes the procedure to install a new version of Password Sync. The Password Sync software is available for download from "Manuals/Downloads" in "IIJ Service Online."


In this application, English is not fully supported as a display language.
Please switch operating system language to Japanese.

  1. Double-click "PasswordSync_Installer.exe" to start the installer.
  2. Click "次へ."
  3. Read the terms of license, select the "同意する" check box if you agree with the terms, and then select "次へ."
  4. Specify the installation folder and then click "次へ."


    • The software will not be installed correctly if multi-byte characters are used in the name of the directory.
    • Install the software onto the local hard disk. Installation onto a network drive is not supported.


    The following popup will appear when installing the software into a directory that also contains an old version. Click "はい" to continue.

  5. Set the name of the program group and then click "次へ."
  6. Confirm the installation details and then click "インストール."
  7. Once the popup asking if you want to overwrite configuration files appears, click "いいえ."

  8. Select "すぐに再起動" and then click "完了." The computer will restart.


    After installation, make sure to restart the operating system to complete the installation.