Password Sync 1.0.2

New Features and Changes
  • Proxy authentication is now supported.
  • A filter function for inquiries sent to Active Directory has been added.
  • The actual information referred to from Active Directory by the IIJ ID Service when objectGUID is set as externalId has been changed.
    • The program has been changed to use binary objectGUID values that are encoded as base64 values when making a reference.
  • Log levels have been changed for certain types of output log entries.
    • The log level for log entries made when the user is not found (user for which the password may not be synchronized) as a result of the query for the externalId of the user for which Password Sync has detected a password change in Active Directory has been changed from warn to info.
  • We only support the use of Password Sync 1.0.2 when it is paired with Directory Sync version 1.0.2.
    • Make sure to upgrade Directory Sync to this version if using an older version.