Types of Executable Files

normal_mode.batNormal executable script
Specify this file for scheduled executions of Directory Sync via a task scheduler.
recovery_mode.batRecovery mode executable script

Use this file when Directory Sync does not end normally, which creates inconsistencies in cache information or when a lock file remains. You can also use this file after making changes to the config.yml file.

normal_mode_dry_run.batNormal executable test script
This file does not send a request to IIJ ID Service for differential data and does not update the cache.
recovery_mode_dry_run.batRecovery mode executable test script
 This file clears the cache information and then generates differential data but does not send a differential data request to the IIJ ID Service.

Never execute Directory Sync using a different user than one created for scheduled executions of Directory Sync.

The generation of Directory Sync cache information and lock files using a user without the proper privileges can cause Directory Sync not to run correctly at the next scheduled execution.