Service Overview


The IIJ DNS Platform Service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") is an integrated authoritative DNS serivce that emphasizes scalability and flexibility with enhanced security.

This service consists of two services called "IIJ Managed DNS Service" and "IIJ DNS Traffic Management Service*1."


  • This service provides authority DNS servers (content servers). This service does not provide any cache DNS functions.
  • Use the IIJ Domain Management Service for registration, maintenance, and management of domains.

IIJ Managed DNS Service

This is a service that provides authority DNS servers that are required when using your domain names. These servers can also be used as primary and secondary name servers.
This service supports zones of both forward lookups (resolving IP addresses from host names) and reverse lookups (resolving host names from IP addresses).

IIJ DNS Traffic Management Service*1

This service performs alive monitoring of various resources such as web servers that you operate, and provides dynamic zone management in such a way as to automatically exclude servers that are not operating normally from DNS response.

  • You can manage zone information registered with DNS in a number of ways.
    • Editing with the control panel (Web UI)
    • Uploading zone files you have edited using equipment at hand
    • Transferring zones from DNS servers that you have prepared or other companies’ DNS services
    • Programs that you have developed using APIs
    • Dynamic zone changes based on the results of alive monitoring of your servers*1
  • You can register zone information with multiple DNS services.
    • DNS servers provided by this service as standard
    • DNS servers provided by overseas DNS business operators with which IIJ has tie-up agreements*2
    • Transferring zones to the DNS servers you have prepared or other companies’ DNS services
Advanced Security
  • Because it employs a dispersed DNS server infrastructures located in multiple regions in Japan and abroad, this service has high resistance to DDoS attacks.
    • You can use not only IIJ’s DNS servers but also servers around the world allocated by DNS business operators with which IIJ has tie-up agreements*2.
  • Service level agreement (SLA) 100%*2
  • The DNSSEC signature function is provided as standard.
  • It is possible to prevent the manipulation of DNS information without sophisticated technical knowledge.
  • This service supports TSIG.
  • It is possible to prevent the manipulation of information at the time of zone transfer.
  • Its advanced authentication infrastructure allows you to limit the number of people who can access the control panel and APIs.
    • Multi-factor authentication is available.
      If you sign up for the IIJ ID Service, you will be able to achieve even more advanced account management.
      • Settings for the editing role and reference role that are different for each user and contracted zone
      • Password policy management according to your in-house rules
      Refer to "IIJ ID Service" for more information.

*1: The DNS Global Load-Balancing Service is currently under development.
*2: Features available with the premium plan. They cannot be used for the basic plan.