Logging in Using Password Authentication

This section describes the procedure to log in using password authentication.


  • The language in which the login screen appears is determined by the language setting of the Web browser.
  • The design, such as logo images and background colors, of this page may be different from the following screenshots.

  1. Access IIJ ID Console. 

  2. Enter your ID (in email address format) as provided into the "ID" field and then click "Next."

  3. Enter your password into the "Password" field and then click "Next."

  4. Confirm that "My Applications" appears in IIJ ID Console.

    * In "My Applications," federated applications available to you are displayed.

The following are the likely causes for login failures. Contact your administrator if you cannot log in using the correct authentication information.

    • Your authentication information (ID and password) is incorrect.
    • Your account has been locked due to repeated authentication failures.
    • You are attempting access to the service from an unauthorized network.
    • Your account has been disabled or deleted by an administrator.

Locked Accounts

The following email message is sent to the notification email address when an account is locked.

From: noreply@auth.iij.jp
To: [Notification email address]
Subject: [IIJ ID Service] Your account has been locked
iij-taro@example.jp 様
IIJ IDサービスをご利用いただきありがとうございます。
IIJ IDでのログインに連続して失敗したため、
アカウントのロックが解除されるまで、IIJ IDへログインできません。
ロック解除日時: 2018/04/11 16:58 (JST)
※ このメールは送信専用です。 返信できませんのでご注意ください。
※ このメールに心当たりがない場合、お手数ですが管理者までお問い合わせください。
* This email is sent automatically from the system.
Dear iij-taro@example.jp,
Thank you for using the IIJ ID Service.

Your account has been locked because you consecutively failed to log in to IIJ ID.


You cannot log in to IIJ ID until your account is unlocked.

Please wait for unlock time, or contact your company's administrator.


Unlock time: 2018/04/11 16:58 (JST)

* This is a send only email. Please note that you cannot reply to this email.
* We apologize for the inconvenience, but request that you contact
the administrator in the event that you do not recognize this email.
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.