Logging in Using Email One-time Password Authentication

This section describes the procedure to log in using email one-time password authentication.

Log in using the one-time password sent to your notification email address.


 The authentication method for this service varies by user. Contact your administrator for more information.

  1. Enter your ID (in email address format) provided during the registration process into the "ID" field and then click "Next."
  2. Enter your password into the "Password" field and then click "Next."


    The following figure illustrates an example screenshot of using password authentication for IIJ ID Console. This screen may appear differently if upstream ID provider authentication has been configured.

  3. Confirm that the following email message arrives at your notification email address.

    FROM: noreply@auth.iij.jp
    TO: [Notification email address]
    Subject: [IIJ ID Service] One-time password


    2017/04/01 12:00 (JST) まで有効です。


    Enter this one-time password on the login page.
    It expires at 2017/04/01 12:00 (JST).
    If you repeatedly enter the incorrect one-time password, you will be unable to log in for a certain period of time.
    This is a send only email.
    If you do not recognize this email, contact your company's administrator.
  4. Enter the one-time password described in the email message at the authentication screen and then click "Next."