Requesting an Administrator to Disable Multi-factor Authentication

If you are unable to use multi-factor authentication temporarily due to forgetting your device or other reason, you can request your administrator to temporarily disable multi-factor authentication from IIJ ID Console.

Once the administrator has disabled multi-factor authentication, you can log in using only your ID and password.


If your device gets lost or stolen, your device could be used for malicious purposes by a third party that obtains the device. In this event, do not request your administrator to disable multi-factor authentication. Instead, we recommend that you notify your administrator that your device has been lost or stolen.

  1. Enter your ID (in email address format) into the "ID" field and then click "Next."

  2. Enter your password into the "Password" field and then click "Next."

  3. Click "Request the administrator to disable multi-factor authentication."

  4. Click "Send."
    Your administrator will receive an email message.

    Once you have received notification from the administrator that multi-factor authentication has been disabled, try logging in again.