Glossary of Terms

Below are the definitions of the terms used in this Help. This Help frequently refers to these terms.

IIJ Document Exchange ServiceOnline storage service from IIJ
DOXIIJ Document Exchange Service.
Onetime URLOnetime URL temporarily provides authentication-free access to specific files. You specify its effective period and allowed download count when publishing Onetime URL. Onetime URL becomes invalid when the effective periods expire, or the download counts exceed the limit. Authentication-free access to the files will no longer be available.
Revision managementThis function manages versions of the files with the same name.
WebUIA web browser based user interface used for the operation of DOX.
WebDAVWebDAV is an extension of Hypertext Transmission Protocol (HTTP) and defines basic file and folder operations, such as creation, copy, move and deletion.
Only limited functions are available when using DOX with WebDAV.
RoleRights required for various settings and operations.
Roles are assigned on a group basis. Accounts can operate DOX based on the roles assigned to their affiliated groups.
ProjectThis function partitions off part of the available work area in DOX, and presents it as a separate DOX. You can specify the administrators and users for each project.