Group Types, Role Types

Group Types

The following 2 types of groups are available in DOX:

Built-in group

There are 2 built-in groups.
Although members and roles of each built-in group can be modified, group itself cannot be deleted.

administratorsThe project administrator group.
usersThis group does not have any role and may only access files.
User group

 User groups can be created, modified and deleted as needed.
There is no restriction in assigning group name, members and roles.

Role types

Following 5 types of roles can be assigned to each group.

Publish Onetime URLCan publish Onetime URL.
See “Publish Onetime URL” and “Set Actions when Uploading Files” for more details.
Manage Onetime URLCan confirm Onetime URL’s validity, stop publishing Onetime URL and view access logs.
See “Manage Onetime URL” for more details.
GroupCan create, modify and delete groups.
See “Manage Project Member/Manage Group” for more details.
AccessCan change access permission address settings and file/folder access privileges, and turn the auto delete function ON/OFF.
Accounts with this role can access all folders in a project regardless of folders' access control settings.
See “Access Control Setting” for more information on how to set access control settings.
LogCan view access and operation logs in DOX.
See “View DOX Access Logs” for more information.


Aggregate rights of groups

Account can belong to multiple groups.
If an account belongs to multiple groups with conflicting access rights and roles, the account will have the aggregate of all rights and roles combined.
For example, in the figure below, Account X will have access rights and roles aggregated from those of both Group A and Group B.
Authorized role takes precedence to no role, whereas "Read/Write" takes precedence in case of access control.

o: Authorized   x: Not authorized