Invalidate Mail

The user can forcefully set the accessible mails to be inaccessible.
Even a message already sent can be retracted if the recipient has yet to download the file.
This procedure is called “Invalidate Mail”.


  •  Only the file attachment can be retracted as the message body has already been delivered.

  1. Click “Valid Mail” tab. “Mail List” page appears.
    Select the messages you wish to make inaccessible and click “Invalidate Mail”. 

  2. “Invalidate mail confirmation” page shows the messages selected in the previous step. Click “Invalidate Mail” again to confirm the operation.
    Clicking “Back” returns you to the “Valid Mail” page.

  3. "Invalidate mail completed" page appears. Clicking “Back to List” returns you to the “Valid Mail” page.


    • While a regular user can only invalidate the mails he/she sent, the administrator can delete all mails regardless of the senders.
    • Please refer to “Mail Administrator” for more details.