IIJ Secure MX Service and DOX Link Setting

IIJ Secure MX Service Link Feature can be enabled or disabled on per user basis.
With the link feature disabled, the user’s “Outbound Mail” sends out as is without uploading the file attachment to DOX.
Inbound mail is not affected.
However, the administrator may not have allowed the setting change.

IIJ Secure MX Service Link Switch“OFF” disables the link feature, while “ON” enables it

The link feature can control file attachment upload behavior by its size and file extension.
By setting the “File Attachment Size”, file attachment will upload to DOX only if the size is larger than the value set.
If the value of 0MB is specified, all files upload to DOX.
You may also use file extension to restrict the upload. Administrator can choose to allow uploads for 1) only the types explicitly specified or 2) all files except for the types specified.

SizeConfigure if you wish to send a small file attachment as is. File attachments upload to DOX only if their total sum exceeds the value set
ExtensionFile types specified in “Specify file extension not to upload to DOX” do not upload to DOX