Download Files and Folders

You can download uploaded files and folders to a local computer or local network. When you specify more than one file and/or folder, they are automatically archived (compressed) into a .zip file and downloaded to the destination.

  1.  Select the checkbox(es) of the target file(s) and/or folder(s) (e.g. sample) and click “Download”.

    • Selecting a folder will download all files and subfolders inside the folder.
    • You may select multiple files and folders at the same time. Select the checkbox in the column heading to select all files and folders currently displayed.

  2. Confirm your selection and click “Download”.

    • “Stop” aborts download and reverts you to Step 1.

  3. Click “Save File” and Click "OK".

  4. Specify the destination on a local computer or local network, and click “Save”.

  5. The target file(s) and/or folder(s) will be saved.
    Clicking “Back to List” will revert you to Step 1.