View DOX Access Logs

You can view the logs of various operations performed on files or folders saved in DOX.
Access logs will let you view the logs of all accounts. Logs can track the following operations:

  • Download Files and Folders
  • Upload Files and Folders
  • Create New Folders
  • Move Files and Folders
  • Copy Files and Folders
  • Delete Files and Folders
  • Rename Files and Folders

Logs do not track failed operations or view operations on files and folders.


  • Viewing access logs requires the “Log” role.


  •  HTML format shows the logs the past 3 days, whereas CSV format shows past 90 days.

  1. On the “Manage/View” menu, click “View Access Logs”.

  2. View access logs.

    ClientIP address of the terminal that performed each operation
    Account nameAccount that performed each operation
    DateDate and time when each operation was performed
    ActionType of each operation
    Bytes TransferredThe number of bytes transferred
    Duration (seconds)Time took to complete this operation
    File or FolderName of the file or folder that had operation performed
    Copy destination, etc.Destination folder for copy or move operation

    “Download as CSV file” will download logs of the past 90 days in CSV format.