You can enter search criteria to filter the accounts and groups displayed in Manage ProjectMember/Manage Group.

When simply entering text into the Search box, account names (or group names) and comments are targeted in the search.
To search for other information, use the following search criteria.


  •  You can perform an "and" search by entering multiple search criteria separated by spaces.

Search criteria usable with the Group List under Manage ProjectMember/Manage Group
Search CriteriaMeanings
name:[group name]Search for groups partially matching [group name].
name=[group name]Search for groups perfectly matching [group name].
comment:[comment]Search for groups partially matching [comment].
comment=[comment]Search for groups perfectly matching [comment].
member:[account name]Search for groups with an affiliated account partially matching [account name].
member=[account name]Search for groups with an affiliated account perfectly matching [account name].