What is Revision Management?

Revision management in DOX keeps tracks of changes made to a file. When enabled, uploading a file with the same name will keep the older version in revision history. There is no restriction on the number or the size in revised file.

Below summarizes the operations related to the revised file:

Accessing to revised filesYou can view revised files by clicking their revision numbers in “Revision” column in the list of folders.
Copying revision-managed filesCopying a revision-managed file will only copy the latest one, regardless of the destination folder’s revision setting. If revision setting is enabled on the destination folder, revision management resumes from the latest copy.
Moving revision-managed filesMoving a revision-managed file will move all revisions, regardless of the destination folder’s revision setting.
If the revision setting is disabled on the destination folder and the moved file is overwritten, the revised files will be deleted. Enabling revision setting on the destination folder will let you access the file’s revisions.
Deleting revision-managed filesWhen you delete a revision-managed file, all of its revisions will be deleted.
You cannot delete each individual revision.

Switching Revision Setting from “ON” to “OFF” will not delete older revised files. Enabling Revision Setting to “ON” will allow you access the revised files.
Overwriting a file while Revision Setting is “OFF” will delete all of its revisions. Enabling Revision Setting to “ON” again will not recover the deleted revisions.