Confirm Valid/Invalid Onetime URL

Account with “Publish Onetime URL” role can only view its own Onetime URL.
Account with “Manage Onetime URL” role can view all accounts’ Onetime URL.

  1. On the “Manage/View” menu, click “Manage Onetime URL”.

  2. View existing Onetime URL.
    You can click either “Valid Onetime URL” or “Invalid Onetime URL” tab to toggle the view.

    Effective PeriodEffective period of each Onetime URL 
    Publication Date/TimeDate and time when each Onetime URL was published 
    File NameThe file name of the published Onetime URL 
    Allowed Download CountMaximum number of downloads allowed for each Onetime URL 
    Download CountNumber of downloads requestedClick the number in the column to view the access log.
    See “View Access Logs of Onetime URL” for more details.

    •  Invalid Onetime URL will be deleted after 30 days.