View Mail Access Logs

Mail Administrators can view mail access logs.


  • You can view access logs for the past 3 days in HTML, and access logs for the past 90 days in CSV format.

  1. On the Use Mail screen, display the "Manage/View" menu, and then click "View Access Logs".

  2. View access logs.
    Click the "Sent Mail" or "Received Mail" tabs to toggle the view.

    ClientThe IP address of the terminal that performed the operation
    Account NameThe account that performed the operation
    DateThe date and time that the operation was performed
    ActionThe type of operation performed
    Bytes TransferredThe number of bytes transferred
    Duration (seconds)The time taken to complete the operation
    Mail ID or FileThe name of the file or folder for the operation
    Destination FolderThe destination folder for the copy or move operation

    Click "Download as CSV file" to download logs for the past 90 days in CSV format.