Manage Group

"Manage ProjectMember/Manage Group" lets you carry out all manner of group operations, such as creating groups, deleting groups, reorganizing members, and modifying privileges.

1. Create New

You can create a new group.

2. Search

Enter search criteria to filter the groups displayed. You can specify details such as group name, comments, or group members in the search criteria.
Please refer to "Search" for more details.

3. Selected Group Operations

Carry out operations such as deleting selected groups. Bulk processing is possible when multiple groups are selected.
To carry out bulk processing after selecting groups on multiple pages, use "Add to Group Set". The groups added are listed in the "Group Set" tab, from where it is possible to delete them, etc.

4. Group Selection

Clicking a group highlights the selected group. Click again to undo the selection. You can select multiple groups by clicking them while holding SHIFT or CTRL.
Carry out operations on the selected groups using "3. Selected Group Operations".

5. Group Details

You can click on a group name link to set the comment, members, and privileges for individual groups.