Q. What is WebDAV?


WebDAV is an extended protocol from HTTP/1.1.
It enables folders and files to be created, copied, moved, and deleted on web servers.

Q. Are there any limitations in using WebDAV?


WebDAV has the following limitations.

  • WebDAV does not display revision files.
    WebDAV displays only the most recent version of files. Note that revision files are being saved when files are updated using WebDAV.
  • WebDAV cannot Publish Onetime URL.

  • WebDAV cannot configure actions (Update Notification, Antivirus Check, and Publish Onetime URL).
  • WebDAV cannot configure the Auto Delete Setting.

Q. What WebDAV clients are available?


Operation of the latest versions of the following WebDAV clients has been confirmed.

  • Windows WebDAV
  • CarotDAV
  • WinSCP

Refer to "File Operations Using WebDAV" for more information on using Windows WebDAV.
IIJ does not provide support for WebDAV clients.
Contact the developer of the WebDAV client for more information on implementing and configuring the WebDAV client and resolving bugs and other WebDAV client issues.

Q. I could not map a network drive with Windows WebDAV.


Confirm that the following information was entered correctly.

  • URL
    For details, check "IIJ Document Exchange Service User's Guide" posted under Manuals/Downloads on "IIJ Service Online."
  • Username and password
    Follow the procedure described in "Change Password" to reset the password.

We have confirmed that accounts may be locked after a login failure on Windows WebDAV, even if the correct username and password are then entered.
This issue can sometimes be resolved by restarting the device.

Q. I cannot use Windows WebDAV to download files larger than 50 MB.


We have confirmed that the maximum size of a single file that can be downloaded in Windows WebDAV is 50 MB, and attempting to download files over 50 MB will result in an error.
Use WebUI to download files over 50 MB in size.

Q. I cannot use Windows WebDAV to access folders configured with access rights.


We have confirmed that Windows WebDAV sometimes fails to access folders that contain a large number of files.
Use WebUI, or reduce the number of files in the folder and then try accessing the folder again in WebDAV.


Q. I found zero byte files that I did not create.


We have confirmed that Windows WebDAV creates zero byte files when uploading files.
These zero byte files are normally deleted by WebDAV, but they sometimes can be left over if an error occurs during the upload process.
These files can be deleted without causing any issue. Confirm the necessity of these files and delete if they are not required.

Q. If I use WebDAV, can a folder's action setting, revision setting, and so on be copied?


No, they cannot.
Use WebUI to copy settings together with files and folders.