Modify Group

You can modify group information such as comments, members, and privileges.

  1. On the "Manage/View" menu, click "Manage ProjectMember/Manage Group".

  2. Click the group name you want to modify (e.g. "group01").


    • You can sort the Group Index by clicking items such as "User Group Name".
    • You can also use "Search" to filter accounts.

  3. Confirm and edit current information on the group.

    CommentsEnter a comment for the group.
    The length must be less than or equal to 80 characters.
    MemberSelect accounts from a list to affiliate them with the group.
    PrivilegesSelect the privileges (role) to assign to the group.
    After editing the group details, click "Confirm".

    • Click  to edit the comment.
    • You cannot change the group name.
    • "Back" reverts you to the creation screen in Step 2.

  4. Confirm the modified items that are highlighted, and click "Modify".


    • "Back" reverts you to the edit screen in Step 3 .
    • "Stop" aborts editing of the group and reverts you to Step 2 .

  5. The Complete screen that appears shows the settings that were made.