About DOX Mail

DOX’s Web Mail feature (Outbound only) differs from an ordinary Web mail and provides the following features:

  • File attachment uploads to DOX instead of being attached to the actual message
  • Message contains an URL link. Recipient clicks this URL to retrieve the file from DOX
  • Uploaded file attachments are automatically deleted after certain time period

Sending a DOX mail combines the following 3 actions: 1) upload a file to DOX 2) publish Onetime URL 3) attach URL link to the message.

Unlike Onetime URL, however, you may set authentication to the URL access. There are 3 authentication methods available:

Authentication MethodDescription
Password AuthenticationRecipient uses the password created by the sender when the message was composed. Suitable for the recipients who do not have DOX accounts.
Passwords should be transmitted in a prearranged secure manner.
The sender needs to set the password each time he/she sends the message, but a default password can be also configured.
DOX AuthenticationDOX account and password are required for access. There is no need to transmit the password separately. Access trail is also logged.
No AuthenticationAuthentication is not required. Same as using a normal Onetime URL with file operations.

  • When “Password Authentication” is chosen, you are advised not to include the password in the message body.
  • URL link and password should be transmitted separately.

You may also modify settings for Read Receipt and Effective Period for the URL.

Read Receipt MailTurning this option “Notify” automatically sends a read receipt mail to the sender each time the URL link is accessed.
Effective PeriodSpecify the number of days the URL link will be available. Effective period can be between 1 to 7 days. File will not be available for download once the effective period expires.
Allowed Open CountOnce the URL is opened the number of times specified here, it can no longer be accessed even if the effective period has not expired.
The count can be configured to between 1 and the maximum number of accounts. "Unlimited" option is available only when the DOX Authentication is selected.

  • URL link will be invalid when either effective period expires or allowed open count reaches its maximum.
  • The linked file will automatically be deleted from DOX.
  • Set the lower values if the disk space is running low.
  • Administrator can assign the default values to these settings.