Copy Files and Folders

You can copy uploaded files and folders to another folder.


  • When you copy a folder, the folder retains its settings (action, revision, access control) from the original. If no access control is set, the copied folder inherits the access control setting from its parent folder at the destination.
    See “Action Setting“, “Revision Setting”, and “Access Control Setting” for more details.


  • When revision management is enabled, only the latest files will be copied and their older versions will not. See “Revision Setting” for more details.

  1. Select the checkbox(es) of the target file(s) and/or folder(s) (e.g. test3.txt) and select “Copy”.

    • Selecting a folder will copy all files and subfolders inside the folder.
    • You may select multiple files and folders at the same time. Click a checkmark in column heading to select all files and folders currently displayed.

  2. Confirm your selection and click “Next”.

    • Clicking “Back” will abort copy and revert you to Step 1.

  3. Specify the destination folder.
    Expand the folder tree and click the destination folder (e.g. sample).

    • “Back” reverts you to Step 2.
    • “Stop” aborts copy and reverts you to Step 1.
    • The current folder cannot be specified as the destination.

  4. Confirm destination and click “Copy”.

    • “Back” reverts you to Step 2.
    • “Stop” aborts copying and reverts you to Step 1.

  5. The result will appear when the copy finishes.
    If the copy failed, check the message displayed in “Remark” and then retry.
    “Back to List” will revert you to Step 1.
    “Go to Copy Destination” will move you to the destination and display its contents.

    • Copy will abort with an error message if the destination folder contains a file or folder with the same name regardless of the revision setting.