Download Mail List

Users may download a list of previous mail sent via Use Mail as a CSV file.
As with the mail displayed in a browser, general users can only download a list of mail they have sent themselves, but mail administrators can download a list of all mail.

  1. Click the "Valid Mail" tab or "Invalid Mail" tab.

    Click "Download as CSV file".
    A CSV file containing the following data columns is downloaded.

    SubjectThe subject of the mail.
    Account NameThe mail sender. For general users their own account name is displayed.
    ToThe destination (To) mail address.
    CcThe destination (Cc) mail address.
    BccThe destination (Bcc) mail address.
    Sent TimeThe time the mail was sent.
    SizeThe size of attachment files (in bytes).
    If more than one file is attached, the total size is shown.
    Opened CountThe number of times the Mail Details page has been displayed via the URL in the mail.
    Expiration TimeThe period of time during which access to Mail Details is granted.
    Mail that has expired is displayed in the Invalid Mail list.