About File Upload

Q.  What are the restrictions on the names of the files and folders?


File and folder names must meet the following requirements:

  • The length of each file name must be less than or equal to 60 characters.
  • The path length (excluding the https://hostname.dg.dox.jp/w/project/projectname/portion) must be less than or equal to 225 characters.
  • Following special characters are prohibited:
     / \ : * + ? < > | " # % &
  • Names beginning with “.ht” or “.dx” cannot be specified.

Also, when voiced consonant marks or semi-voiced consonant marks are used in a file name, it may not be displayed correctly on Windows or Mac PCs.
"Upload Files" for more details.

Q. Can I upload the files without applying actions set on the destination folder?


Under normal circumstances, actions will execute when you upload the files to the action-enabled folders. Please temporarily set the actions to OFF if you wish to upload the files with no action executed.
See "Set Actions when Uploading Files" for more details.

Q.  The file transfer rate is slow.


The transfer rate when uploading or downloading files depends on your network environment.
The upstream speed of your network may be slow, or Internet or local network bandwidth may be saturated.
First, check your network environment.