Mail Administrator Settings

Mail Administrator settings can be carried out using "IIJ Service Online" or the DOX WebUI. This section explains the settings for registering or deleting Mail Administrators using the WebUI.


  • To operate the Manage/View mail feature using the WebUI, you must first be registered as a Mail Administrator.

  1. Click "Use Mail" on the main menu to display the Use Mail screen.
    Click "Manage/View".

  2. The Manage/View screen will appear.
    Click "Manage Mail Administrators", and the Manage Mail Administrators screen will appear. 

  3. The registered accounts will appear.
    An account can be registered as a Mail Administrator even when no mail address is registered in the mail address column. 

  4. Select the accounts you want to make Mail Administrators.
    Click "Add to Mail Administrators". 
    To remove a Mail Administrator, see Step 5. Proceed to Step 7 when only adding administrators.

  5. Select the "Mail Administrators" tab.
    The accounts registered as Mail Administrators will appear. 

  6. Select the account you want to remove from the Mail Administrators.
    Click "Remove From Mail Administrators". 

  7. Click "Apply".
    The message "Updated Mail Administrators" will appear.